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New Album Out!

2010-09-08 08:25:35 by Jakisdead

Finally, my debut full-length is out! Head over to my Bandcamp and give it some loooove!


New Album Out!

Sexy New Site!

2010-06-24 16:36:04 by Jakisdead

Friends, I apologise for not being very active recently. I have in fact been working very hard on my debut album. In preparation of the release, I have created a very sexy new BandCamp page to present all of my music for the world to download!

Just take a look at that picture below. Rarely does anything look so sexy!

Go on, you know you wanna have a download spree! :D

Sexy New Site!

Ypres: Album Teaser #1

2010-06-11 04:56:54 by Jakisdead

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NewGrounds, I want you back!

2010-05-01 06:20:51 by Jakisdead

NewGrounds, I'm sorry for all of those things I said. I was distressed, I didn't mean it.

I've tried using SoundClick because I thought it was better suited to me, but it's just awful. Everything about it is appalling. I mean, it has pop-ups! POP-UPS!!

So, I've decided that, if you'll take me back, I'd like to go back to uploading my stuff on here for you lovely people.

I hope this can be the start of something beautiful between us.

Departure from NewGrounds...

2010-03-18 17:45:59 by Jakisdead

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New Album, E.P. (coming soon) and Free Discography Link!

2010-02-26 18:14:59 by Jakisdead

Much news!

Firstly, I am well into my new Djent E.P., which will include
Europa, as well as (a greatly improved version of) Callisto. I'm in the process of writing a HUGE song known as Ganymede, and then all that's left is Io! I shall post a link as soon as it's all done!

Secondly, Scattered Fragments of a Past Forgotten, a collection of old songs that I have recently re-recorded, featuring the songs 300, I Want You Dead and Cretaceous Beast (as well as 3 others) is now available FOR FREEEEE from HERE! The sexy artwork can be seen below!

Finally, on something of a whim, I decided earlier tonight to upload all of my music pre-RWHTL to MediaFire. So by heading over to my Pre-Returning We Hear the Larks, you can download all of my work from 2006-2008 for free! :D
I will be putting everything on there at some point, but for now, you can download all of my recent albums from my Jamendo page.

Keep it Metal and keep it free!

New Album, E.P. (coming soon) and Free Discography Link!

Sexy New YouTube Channel!

2010-01-28 04:43:48 by Jakisdead

So, I have recently created a lovely new channel. It's very small at the moment with only two videos, but it will soon grow! I'm planning to post new songs, play-throughs, ect.

So check me out, leave me a comment, send me friend request or subscribe if you're feeling lovely!

Returning We Hear the Larks on YouTube

And don't forget that you can always catch up with what I'm doing and download free stuff at:


New E.P. Up for Free Download

2009-09-11 18:30:02 by Jakisdead

My new E.P., 'The Hidden World: I', featuring the songs Bathilda Bagshot and Amycus Carrow, is now available for free download here: .

It's quite lovely. Progressive, very experimental and instrumental.
Tell me what you think!

Good Morrow to All.

2009-06-04 06:10:56 by Jakisdead

Thought it was time for a new post.

I've just been messing around with recording lately, as my recent uploads demonstrate. I'm wasting time before getting a new guitar set-up.

I won a contest on Ultimate GUitar a year ago and I'm still waiting for the romised guitar.

Shall be getting a nice bass for my birthday (the 25th :D)

Amp-wise, Spider III sound good?

To all the kind, loving, metal-heads out there, it would be truly lovely if you would vote for me here:
ArtistPage.aspx?artistId=84b9882e-9c5c -4360-904c-30fd280ae58a

It's a little signing contest Roadrunner are doing. I'm not the biggest fan of the label but it would be sweet as fuck to get on there.

Hugs, kisses and wishes that you have a positively wonderful day,

Returning We Hear the Larks

2009-05-15 18:11:22 by Jakisdead

The day has come for me to finally begin work on my new project. Because the name Sins of the Watchmen kinda pigeon-holed me, I am now Returning We Hear the Larks, which I suppose pigeon-holes me also, but to a lesser degree.

And Isaac Rosenberg kicks ass.

So for those who haven't guessed, my subject is the First World War and the tragic loss of almost an entire generation of young men.

I have uploaded my first demo under the name, entitled Langemark. So far it has received a horribly meager response, but let's hope that will change.

I wish people would read bulletins.