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New Album Out!

2010-09-08 08:25:35 by Jakisdead

Finally, my debut full-length is out! Head over to my Bandcamp and give it some loooove!


New Album Out!


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2010-09-09 18:47:32

i'm downloading this while listening to it at the same time. you never fail to please, i think this is proabably your best yet. i read your little message with the bandcamp page, and that helped alot at the atmospere, i could waste more time explaining everything i am feeling, but that would take days. in short, this is excellent.

Jakisdead responds:

Thanks very much, man! I'm humbled. I'm glad that my album has spoken to you, that's ultimately what I was hoping to achieve with it. I appreciate your kind words, bro :D


2010-09-11 23:18:05

my pleasure