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Good Morrow to All.

2009-06-04 06:10:56 by Jakisdead

Thought it was time for a new post.

I've just been messing around with recording lately, as my recent uploads demonstrate. I'm wasting time before getting a new guitar set-up.

I won a contest on Ultimate GUitar a year ago and I'm still waiting for the romised guitar.

Shall be getting a nice bass for my birthday (the 25th :D)

Amp-wise, Spider III sound good?

To all the kind, loving, metal-heads out there, it would be truly lovely if you would vote for me here:
ArtistPage.aspx?artistId=84b9882e-9c5c -4360-904c-30fd280ae58a

It's a little signing contest Roadrunner are doing. I'm not the biggest fan of the label but it would be sweet as fuck to get on there.

Hugs, kisses and wishes that you have a positively wonderful day,


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